Manchester A&B Fair

Back to the Cellar of Sin for another Erotic Tombola! Smutvert-tastic Here’s another of our eye-catching Smutvert™ Roller Banners, advertising a multitude of fabulous authors you really should check out, This one has a section highlighting the fabulous works of the amazing KD Grace an erotic author you really should be reading! Date: 26th July 2014 Venue: Sound Control, Manchester

Smut by the Sea: Scarborough 2014

We return to Scarborough Library for our second annual Smut by the Sea Event. Partner Spotlight The wonderful folk at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium gave us a beautiful gift bundle containing a handmade silicon dildo and extras along with some treats for the goodie bags. Lots of Lube! Thanks to those slippery dudes at Give Lube we had some as prizes! Books! Books! Books! Thanks to House of Erotica,…

Smut by the Sea: Scarborough 2013

Our very first Smut Event, we headed to sunny Scarborough to bring a little Smut to Scarborough Library! This was back when we were just starting with the Tombola, doesn’t it show. Hah! Still you cannot go wrong if you’ve got plenty of lube 😉 Thanks Give Lube 😀 That’s an attempt at a smile from Mr. Blisse! Date: 22nd June 2013 Venue: Scarborough Library, Scarborough